Cass Art interviews Young Artist Award Winner 2017 Elizabeth McCarten

Are you considering entering The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2018 but feel a little overwhelmed by the application process? If so, then take a look at Cass Art’s interview with Elizabeth McCarten, in which the Young Artist Award Winner 2017 talks about her prizewinning piece and considers the submitting existing work/creating new work conundrum. See below for a snippet and visit the Cass Art Blog to read the interview in full.

‘Forests of Sandim’, Elizabeth McCarten

Entering an art competition can be a daunting process.  Opinion seems to be divided as to whether you should submit existing work or produce work specifically for a particular competition.  Where do you stand on this and is there any additional advice that you would give to prospective competitors? 

Entering a competition such as The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition is a fantastic chance to get your work out to a wider audience and if that is an incentive for you to make new work or try out a new medium I think that is wonderful and would definitely support other artists to do so – whether you get through to the exhibition stage or not! I do not usually enter many competitions however The Boboli Gardens piece was something that already existed and I felt would be appropriate to put forward to the competition and this is generally my approach to applying or entering competitions or other opportunities!

‘The Boboli Gardens’, Elizabeth McCarten

The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2018 is now calling for entries. Open to all UK-based artists, the competition offers a generous range of prizes including a First Prize of £6000, Second Prize of £3000 and Third Prize of £1000. Apply online by 5pm on Monday 25 June:

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