Watercolours come to Trowbridge!

Tracy Sullivan from Trowbridge Arts.

Exhibition of the Sunday Times Water Colour Competition at Trowbridge Town Hall
Photo: Diane Vose

The exhibition of abstract, figurative, contemporary and traditional pieces are currently lining the walls of the town hall, giving locals a chance to gaze upon the impressive works until December 27.

“We are really fortunate to have these wonderfully impressive paintings in our town hall. It shows that we are becoming an appealing and sought after venue,” said Tracey Sullivan, Trowbridge Arts director.

“It took a good week to set it all up, carefully putting everything into place and making it safe and secure.

“We have worked with Parker Harris before, who co-ordinate all of this, so it is great to work with them again. There has been a steady flow of people coming in since we opened the exhibition.

“Hopefully this can encourage local people to enter their own works in competitions as you could one day be involved in this too.”

For further information please visit : www.trowbridgearts.com

After the Trowbridge exhibition, the show will open at Guildford House Gallery from 13th January to 10th March 2018.

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