.ART invites you to join a unique and creative online community

.ART is a new and exciting project which allows you to communicate “who you are and what you do” to the whole world.

You can create a unique .ART domain name which reflects the nature of your website and your creative practice. Let’s imagine that you want to create a website which is called “design”. Why not have http://www.design.art? Now you can have meaning on both sides of the dot.

Why not join the other art institutions, artists, musicians, curators, dealers, creative and simply talented individuals who have already joined the .ART community? Adopters include Tate, Guggenheim Museum, Rolls-Royce, Swatch, Centre Pompidou, Chanel, Foundation Cartier, Apple, Sotheby’s, Amazon, Love Watts, BRAFA Art Fair, Marina Abramovic Institute, AES+F, Banksy, Kickstarter, Whitewall Magazine, Louvre Museum, Shantell Martin and many others.

We love art and everything about it, which is why we are participating in engaging projects, like The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Seven On Seven in New York, Investors AllStars: Digital Innovation in .ART award, to help artists and creative minds to cement their creative identity in an increasingly digital world.

Want to get your own .ART domain and don’t know where to start? Visit http://www.art.art for more information. Don’t forget to follow @artdomains on Instagram to keep up to date with .ART news, events and creative activities in the wider art world.

We are young, we are free, we are creative, we are .ART.

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