Varsha Bhatia: Architecture in Watercolour

Varsha Bhatia is an architect by training and her love for both the delicacy and magnificence of the buildings around us is what drives her practice as an artist.  She works in watercolour because of its ability to suggest both solidity and translucency, allowing her to reproduce the roughness of brick- and stonework alongside the shimmering, shifting nature of reflections in the glass.  In this film, the second of three produced in collaboration with St Cuthberts Mill and in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Varsha talks us through her method and practice as well as being introduced to the process by which her paper of choice, Saunders Waterford, is produced.

The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2017 is currently calling for entries.  Visit to enter – deadline 26 June 2017, 5pm.

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