2016 Exhibitors Announced

We are delighted to announce that the following artists have all had work selected for the 2016 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition.  The standard of submissions this year was extremely high and the judges had a hard task, so our huge congratulations go to all those who have been selected.  We look forward to seeing the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in September.  The winners will be announced in the Sunday Times’ Culture Section in August.

Abel Jacqueline
Aldous Bob
Allen Roger
Austin Lucy
Bennett Terence
Bentley Raymond
Bhatia Varsha
Bird Christie
Boult Alison
Bowman Day
Bray Patricia
Brown Vincent
Burkitt Annette
Charalambous Sophie
Coode-Adams Ben
Crossley Yvonne
Darley Janet
de la hey Louise
di Masternak Agata
Doerr Joan
Elliott Richard
Elsmore Mark
Entwisle Mark
Evans Gethin
Goldberg Anne
Gracie Sarah
Graham Jenny
Grob William
Groucutt Gary
Hamilton David
Hannaford Elizabeth
Henderson David
Hornsby Nathaniel
Hunt Kate
Jacob Wendy
Jolley Emily
Judge James
Kenyon Janet
Knight Keith
Lawler Teresa
Lawrence Ron
Le Tissier Chloe
Leganovic Oona
Ling Zi
Lloyd-jones peter
Maple Kathryn
Maybank Hannah
Melrose Janet
Narbutt Sylwia
Newland Paul
Offord Robert
Orlowski Stefan John
Parfitt RI David A
Porter Sandra
Pratt Kerri
Rawlins Helen
Rees William
Roberts Fiona G.
Robertson Stuart
Ross Jenny
Ryan Denis
Stock Andrew
Stokes Jayne
Tarr Michael
Tuckwell Stephanie
Turvey Simon
Vohra Rosie
Walker Deborah
Westmancoat Deborah
Wilson Helen

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