More Artists in the News!

Our 2015  selected artists continue to make the news!

Camilla Dowse was interviewed for her local paper, the Henley Herald. 

In the interview Camilla commented “I’m absolutely delighted to be part of the exhibition and tour. It’s quite an achievement to be shortlisted and I’m hoping my work features, even as a small thumbnail image, in the Sunday Times Culture supplement this weekend (30th August 2015).”

Read the article HERE

The Midlothian Advertiser have featured Roslin artist Aine Divine, who is thrilled that her self-portrait will go on display in London as part of a national watercolour competition.

Aine Divine, Self portrait

Aine Divine, Self portrait

She said: “I’m totally delighted to have got this far. I was thrilled I just got through the first round and I was kind of thinking that my two paintings submitted would be coming back after that.  So it was nice that one of them is going to be in the exhibition.”

Read the full article HERE

Cambridgeshire News featured two artists from Cambridge selected for exhibition, Gavin O’keefe and Gideon Pain.

Gideon Pain, Fergus, Big Wave

Gideon Pain, Fergus, Big Wave

A model maker at the British Museum, father-of-two Gideon Pain submitted a portrait of his 14-year-old son Fergus.

Speaking to the News, he said: “I have been making pictures of him as a diary all through his life, and this is one of the later ones. He is ok with it, he is a teenager so he can be a bit dismissive about it, but I think he does enjoy it really.”

Read the full article HERE.

Margie Andrew-Reichelt has been interviewed by Newark Advertiser regarding her artwork, Being Rosa.

Margie Andew-Reichelt, Being Rosa

Margie Andew-Reichelt, Being Rosa

“It’s thrilling to have work selected for such a prestigious competition. To show at the Mall galleries is a great privilege,” she said. 

“This year I started to use watercolour paints, which is a very difficult medium to control but can create very sensitive results. This suits my portraits that are inspired by many things – memories, social history, a headline and very often a feeling.”

Read the article HERE

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